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Corey Leland The Insects Rock! Volume 4 "Thank you for being alive!"

Corey Leland the BARACK OBAMA OF KIDS MUSIC because like BARACK OBAMA Corey Leland
has genuine abilities to communicate messages of encouragement and empowerment to all people. Why is Corey Leland the Barack Obama of kids music? Well, it's simple, Corey Leland feels that family entertainment needs a CHANGE from the old ways of "dumbed down" techniques of relating to children to a new Corey Leland Insects Rock way of giving children more credit for being able to absorb higher intellience at an earlier age. Corey Leland is very Obama-esque because Corey Leland The Insects Rock brings families together. It's EDU=TAINMENT that kids and their families of all ages and races can feel good about and benefit from!

What did RAY MANZARAK of the DOORS say to COREY?!?!?!

I remember as a young boy, my Grandfather worked for the Detroit Free Press.
He got me an autographed photo of Bill Freehan, an all-star catcher for the Detroit Tigers. It said "To Corey Leland, Best wishes, Bill Freehan." and to this day, each time I sign the cds for kids I think of how good having that autographed photo made me feel. About 4 years ago I was in Hollywood at a charity event. A friend of mine, rock producer Danny Saber was going to perform onstage with Ray Manzarak of the Doors. Before the set, I noticed Ray sitting by himself on the patio. I approached him and introducing myself, thanked him for his great career. We spoke of meditation and how cool it would be to teach the world to unite simutaneously at the top of the hour for five-minutes(whenever you comfortably care to join in) to accept safety, peace, healing, abundance, fulfillment! FOR EVERYONE AS YOU ARE ACCEPTING IT FOR YOURSELF. As Ray and I were talking, I couldn’t help but think about the scene from Oliver Stones movie The Doors where Ray and Jim Morrison were talking about Spirituality on Venice beach whilst coming up with the name The Doors for the band. At one point during our conversation, I think Mr. Manzarak saw how passionate I was about this powerful idea and he stopped me long enough to say... "THANK YOU FOR BEING ALIVE!" That comment from him made me feel so good. when I signed the cds for the kids in 2006 and 2007 signed this way... "Thank you for being alive!" peace and love (symbols), Corey Leland! As I was thinking up possible titles for the new cd, it became the obvious choice.


COREY LELAND/THE INSECTS ROCK! is a brand and potential show with tremendous continuity and commercial viability! There is and never has been anything quite like THE INSECTS ROCK!

Influences The willingness to be helpful...

Corey Leland is available for Movies, Television Shows, Musical Theater, Charity Events, Birthday Parties, School/Parent Gatherings,International Superstardom and Spiritual Iconoclast!

Influences The willingness to be helpful...

The Insects Rock! Pop / Folk Rock / Powerpop "Bring back those HAPPY FEELINGS!"

The songs are bright, cheery and fun, The cumulative effect of small children knowing and loving these tunes is...that they really learn deeply meaningful lessons in a fun, catchy way!

The World needs The INSECTS ROCK! It's hard to put a price on the happiness this project brings (but 99 cents per song sounds about right! You may now proceed to link at the bottom of this page to hear samples of every song!!)

Read the titles, Listen to the songs...many, many children are already happier and better adjusted to thier own thoughts and feelings from having these recordings as part of thier life. THE INSECTS ROCK! as a brand promotes a deeper sense of purpose, self-worth and connection to all life.

or email

THE INSECTS ROCK! is open to the right and perfect investment/creative partners...

The Insects Rock!

Band Website

Sounds Like Corey Leland/THE INSECTS ROCK! 1970’s retro-style pop songs. Lovingly crafted positive affirmations and practical advice to help kids navigate the glorious and confounding process of growing up. The INSECTS ROCK! 50 song collection honors with genuine sincerity the experience of being a child, while promoting a greater awarness of the connectedness of all life!

Apr 27 2008 11:30A

May 3 2008 9:00A
Wyatts Run, Charity Event for Autism Recovery Hidden Hills, California

May 31 2008 1:00P
School "Spring Carnaval" FUNdraiser Woodland Hills, California

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About The Insects Rock!

Interview with Corey Leland by Naila Francis for the March/April 2007 issue of MYSTIC POP Magazine: PLAY WITH PURPOSE: Beyond that Saturday morning cartoon vibe, you’ll find Corey Leland Children’s songwriter is actually aiming to grow more conscious and self-confident kids with his songs. Corey Leland was standing in line at a “.99 Cent” Store one day when he noticed the tension between a mother and her 5-year old son. Intrigued, as he often is by such moments, the California-based singer-songwriter approached the woman. Corey said, “Excuse me, I’m writing songs for kids about your boy’s age,” he recalls. “What would you want kids to hear in a song? More especially, what would you want to hear so that you wouldn’t have to get upset with your child? A song that would resolve the issue in theory before it even began?” The woman thought about it and said,” Be careful what words you use because my kid calls me stupid in public sometimes!” Corey Leland took her comments to heart and a song speaking to a mother’s very concerns was born! The song written by Corey especially for kids and their parents is called “Communication, Consideration (It’s Right To Be Polite)” was one of the 12 tracks to appear on his children’s music debut, “Corey Leland Presents The Insects Rock! Songs You Want Your Kids To Hear,” a collection of sunny pop-rock songs with a giddy 1970’s retro style and lovingly crafted positive affirmations and practical advice to help kids navigate the glorious and confounding process of growing up. From the importance of teamwork and healthy self expression to more pragmatic considerations such as potty training and putting away one’s toys to the celebration of delights as simple as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Corey Leland’s music honors, with genuine sincerity, the experience of being a child. His songs, after all, are sparked by his own recollections, babysitting experiences and the real life requests of parents whose hopes, frustrations and joys he is always eager to hear and write songs about. Corey Leland says it best. “I’m always listening to conversations that moms and dads are having,” he admits. “There’s a sense of un-fulfillment seemingly built in to the human condition, a constant "carrot and the stick" type seeking externally for the happiness that is always just beyond reach. It is my intention to teach kids to feel fulfilled and content from within, from their own being, so they’re not externally driven and always looking to other people for approval.” With 3 volumes already out (check out Vol 3 cover above), the latest, “Making New Friends,” was released last year, and a 4th on the way, Corey Leland is aware that he’s both filling a void and bucking a trend, delivering sweetly uplifting songs that aren’t too saccharine or silly for the parents who will be playing them, or too ‘dumbed-down’ for the children who will be listening. Corey Leland never wanted it to be just for kids! He’d rather it be for all ages. You can refer, as an example, to one song he wrote that recognizes the importance of having a symbol of security – “It’s More Than A Blanket To Me” fits the preschool market but because it’s about how everyone looks to something for comfort to get them through their day, it blows adult minds too! Corey Leland can see parents sitting there thinking about what it is that they might need to let go of. Corey Leland, also a spiritual teacher who’s been walking his path for 18 years, has no children of his own and never intended to write children’s music. More than 3 years ago, however, he was writing and singing adult-oriented pop with the same retro flair when he asked God to use him in a way that would most benefit the World. The prayer was answered when Director Keith Markinson found Corey Leland to write the lyrics and music for all the songs in the musical A KID’S LIFE! "A Kid’s Life” is a family musical that encourages kids to think positively and has been drawing rave reviews since it kicked off a national tour with its December debut in Southern California. “The Insects Rock!” series flowed naturally from that experience, Leland’s cast of colorful creatures drawn deliberately from the tradition of classic 4-piece bands like The Beatles. “Sparky is more like Shaggy in ‘Scooby-Doo’ – always hungry and thinking about food. Daisy, the butterfly, she is the brain. Sunshine the ladybug is very optimistic. Harrison the cricket, he’s the philosophical mystic,” says Leland. “We have the human urges with Sparky, and the mind and soul and deeper mystical sense with Harrison; the brain with Daisy, and then there’s the heart with Sunshine – which adds up with all the love. You put them all together and you have one integrated whole person!” People ask children’s songwriter Corey Leland why it is called “The Insects Rock!’ Here is Leland’s answer: “Adults tower over small children and small children tower over insects and to have such empowering wise messages coming from something as seemingly small, vulnerable and insignificant as a bug; I think psychologically there’s something there. If a child at age 2, 3, 4, or 5 can learn to have a respect and sensitivity toward something as small as an insect, they’re going to have a greater sense of care for dogs, cats, their brothers, sisters, classmates and of course, themselves.” Plans are already in the works for a TV series built around the Insects as a famous pop band whose interactions with their fans help them resolve everyday problems and experience greater harmony in their lives. “I see it as being blatantly helpful and supplemental parenting, like a multi-vitamin for the psyche” says Leland of his work. "I see myself as a cross between the Beatles and Willy Wonka, instead of candy I make music! I want to distill all my years of spiritual dedication and practice into healthful, enjoyable music that hopefully grows a more well-adjusted population. COREY LELAND: The Insects Rock! Songs You Want Your Kids To Hear...Vol. 1.

"Corey Leland has filled a need in the world of kids music that parents will deeply appreciate. Quality songs from start to finish, bound to become a best seller."

COREY LELAND: The Insects Rock! Volume 2 MORE Songs you want your kids to hear


COREY LELAND: The Insects Rock! Volume 3 Making New Friends


COREY LELAND: The Insects Rock! Volume 4 Thank You For Being Alive!


Buy "The Insects Rock Volume I" on itunes!

Buy "The Insects Rock Volume II" on itunes!

Buy "The Insects Rock Volume III" on itunes!


"I hear this song’s style (Everyday I excercise) as children’s educational rock--just what the market is looking for these days." Outstanding writing in this fresh, visual, action-oriented, motivational lyric. I like how it addresses kids’ lifestyles (watching tv) The contrast in the musical sections keeps the momentum going to the last bar. Catchy hook and the entire lyric supports this theme. The song is beautifully written and in my opinion it’s marketable in today’s childrens’ market. Fun, vibrant, rock melody that is memorable and makes you want to get up and dance

"LOVE THESE CD’s" "I work as a nurse in an E.R. One evening a 3 year old boy, Dylan came in requiring sutures to 3 fingers. It’s no easy task keeping a child calm for a 45 minute proceedure. I happened to have a copy of The Insects Rock! in my car ( I sometimes listen on my way to work-very cheerful music!) The CD played as we sutured little Dylan’s fingers, he loved the songs and we talked about the different songs while the Doctor put in the stitches. Dylan loved the CD so much that I gave him my copy to take home. He was so excited about the CD I think he forgot about injury altogether!" _-- ~Christi

"If the Monkees, the Beatles and the Partridge Family had collaborated on a rock album for kids, you’d have a gem just like "The Insects Rock!." With twelve tracks packed with sweet, poppy, jangly hooks and fun topics to keep kids singing along and learning, Corey Leland has filled a real need in the world of kid’s music that parents will deeply appreciate. Not only are these quality songs from start to finish but with the universally appealing retro style, adults- especially those parents who distinctly recall the hits of the 60s and 70s- can enjoy and relate as well. It’s a win-win situation and it’s bound to become a top seller." ~CDbaby

"Inspirational and high-spirited songs with valuable lessons!" "On a recent family ski trip we listened to the Insects Rock! volume 1 during the long car trip to the mountains. My six-year old daughter wouldn’t stop asking to hear "Why would I wanna wear diapers" over and over again. But my nine year old Son was really inspired by "You’re gonna do great things" in a special way. One day on the mountain he became frightened by a steep section of the ski run. Somehow he found the courage to ski it beautifully. At the bottom of the hill I asked him how he over came his fear. He replied, "I just kept singing "You’re gonna do great things" over and over. He was so proud of himself! and I’m so grateful to Corey Leland for inspiring my children with such positive messages. I highly recommend all 3 volumes of the Insects Rock! They really do rock! ~ Grant G

So upbeat and easy to follow - catchy wording!! My great-grandson is in the beginnings of the potty routine; he laughs and sings along. Age range is great to include his older sister, making it a family listening time. Good work Corey - your talent for writing children’s songs is remarkable." Harriett Chermak

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The Insects Rock!'s Friends Comments

Hi Corey!

Thanks so much for your friendship! I'm very glad to be here! I'm greatly impressed by your music and message! I'll definitely be back soon!

Have a splendiferous kind of day, my friend!

Peace always,
PattiAnn :o)

Mar 30 2008 5:00 PM

Quite a sound you've got here, Mister Leland!!

Mar 28 2008 11:05 AM

Hi Corey! Miss you! I hope to see you at your next couple of shows! You need to add my mommy friends! Firepie is adding you now! ( :

Mar 7 2008 12:57 PM


you really can do it! Cool new song with good vibes again.
Cheers from cold Berlin to bright California,
shannon hurley

Feb 24 2008 2:21 PM

Great job today Corey!!!!!!
Naomi Nektare

Feb 22 2008 5:39 PM

Hey there sweet heart ! I am looking forward to seeing your performance this sunday!
All love to u, NAOMI Navah

Jan 11 2008 11:23 AM

Your music makes me happy!
BRONWEN. pronunciation key: {bra^N-when??}*

Dec 31 2007 8:07 PM

Happy New Year, Insects Rock!! What a Stellar Review about You in the NY Times!! Just wanted to say that I for One am utilizing your Musical brilliance as my Inspiration in 2008!

Thanks for the endless hit tunes that erase all our blues!! Can't wait to hear what you do Next! ~Abigail~

Oct 26 2007 2:48 PM

We love the song "Your gonna get it". Your music is the best I've ever heard for kids and I really appreciate that your music is so fresh and new sounding. Well as always love ya!

Sep 27 2007 3:04 AM

Hey there, handsome!!! It's been way too long _ I love to sport my "KIDS LIFE " t-shirt!! It's SUPER CUTE! i just listened to "Gonna Get It"! What beautiful, inspiring, spiritual, enlightening ,fun and most of all ROCKIN' music your making ! They love you and your creation - (devinely inspired that is!)I read a lot of your comments - YOU truly are doing something so good for the world -Our future generation. Love and miss you - let me know how you are ..
Peace and kisses- ALL LOVE!

Aug 15 2007 4:59 PM

Thank You Corey!!!! I hope all is well in the studio! I can't wait to hear the 4th album!! Shooting stars - e. MeekaSongs

Jul 11 2007 4:36 PM

Willie Wonka and the favorite combo!!

Apr 30 2007 5:11 PM

What fun ... absolutely awesome. Thanks for dropping by with the request; Bobby & I are happy to be your friends. Caroline Boyce,Tommy's widow

Apr 26 2007 6:01 PM

Corey Leland you are doing it! I'm still driving around with a cassette you gave many years ago? Come make some music in Honkerwood the kids will love you! Paulo

Apr 16 2007 10:41 AM

Loooong life to Corey Leland. You're the best! Beautiful mission, man! ~anna~

Apr 5 2007 7:35 PM

This is my class Rockin' to your tunes today! Christi

Mar 29 2007 8:09 PM

Corey- The interview in Mystic Pop is awesome!! It not only celebrates your wonderful music, but also explores the spirituality and depth of your meaningful lyrics. One of my favorite lines from the interview is "Leland's music honors, with genuine sincerity, the experience of being a child." Your music can be savored by the child within us all. Congrats on your success! Much Peace & Love- Christi

Mar 28 2007 10:31 AM

Cool product! I own a website I think you may be interested in: Might like to advertise your CDs there...lets talk about it! $$Angeline$$

Mar 23 2007 2:26 AM

hi! Nice music!think my niece would like this:)
Travel BaBees

Mar 7 2007 9:21 PM

Thanks for the add. You guys rock! The kids are gonna absolutely love this!

Feb 21 2007 1:43 PM

My Kids love you guys!!!

Feb 15 2007 9:51 AM

Soo much fun playing music with you...I am soo lucky!

Oct 9 2006 4:14 PM

u make our world a better place! Mega karma points for u! Harrison Reed Richards

Aug 23 2006 11:32 PM

I'm on Vol. 3 workin' my way back! I am DIGGING these tunes! (Yes, I just learnt' that new word today!) hehe.

Aug 22 2006 7:51 AM

Hey! What is the best CD for my kindergarten class?

Aug 21 2006 11:20 PM

You guys rock! Why did you take the diaper song off? That was my fav. My 3 year old loved it and it got her potty trained!

Aug 16 2006 11:17 AM

i love them all. but the insect i collected is still my all time fave. hubby might want a copy for his students, i'll let you know.

Jun 29 2006 2:36 PM

You've got a nice sound there. Let me see what I can do about booking you as the Partridge's opening act...

Jun 22 2006 7:27 AM

I just can't pick one favorite track from your new CD- its like picking just one favorite Beatles or ABBA song- there are so, so many good ones to just pick one! The songs are great! Christi
Poptart Sprinkle

Jun 20 2006 7:01 PM

Jenny B.

Jun 20 2006 6:22 PM

i cant stop singing the insect you collected song. lol

Jun 16 2006 12:00 PM

Corey- Volume 3 Making New Friends is awesome-thanks so much for sending it. You are so talented and your message is so positive. Now- you just need to come to Austin and share the love. Wish you much success and of course happiness as always!

Jun 8 2006 6:53 PM

Miss you!! when will you potty train me??
Did u get my letter? Miss You!

Jun 2 2006 2:07 PM

were u a big fan of the electric company. lol keep rockin . i love it!!!!

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Corey Leland's songs and recordings "honor with genuine sincerity the experience of being a child" THE INSECTS ROCK. 50 Quality itunes available songs 4 CDS include all the lyrics.tracks

The Insects Rock! I'm Creating My Day You Can Do It Spaceship Wishing Peace For Everyone Money, Money, Money (Love Is All We Really Need)Playdate Listen to Mommy Take a Deep Breath (When You're Feeling Upset)Glad You're My Dad Thank You For Being Alive!

COREY LELAND: The Insects Rock! Volume 3 "Making New Friends"

COREY LELAND: The Insects Rock! Songs You Want Your Kids To Hear...Vol. 1.

COREY LELAND: The Insects Rock! Volume 2 MORE Songs you want your kids to hear
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Activism/confront the problems kids amazing things movies/video/clips, music, politics. We rarely watch TV and are completely tuned out from the politics scene same with our kids. A few weeks ago, though, we turned on the tube late at night and watched some music videos, one of those top 20 countdowns. Every single video, one after another, was about kids music. Kids happy and postive running the city streets, reminiscent of the old Seasame Street song. Kids happy. Police showing kids and families the right path.

Each of the songs are extremely geared to kids politics family. We found this surprising heartening, and not disturbing — the general public, the young kidse apparently are somewhat completely aware of what is going on. We forgot about this experience until last night, when we found ourselves once again watching the most popular kids videos and came across Corey Leland. Once again, video after video, every single one we watched and listened to about Corey or by Corey Leland reflected a keen political awareness of changing families and kids. His original songs were filled with happy thoughts with energy. They were brimming undeniably with the sense that kids are getting the message through music, that we are not being lied to, that we must act it out for kids with songs. I have really listened to the songs of Corey Leland — the images of kids changing the world, childrens music, positive songg for kids, a neat 60's beat, and a kids climate change were more than enough to convey these things is shown with the fourth CD for kids.

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This first phase, in my opinion, is the most crucial phase of a student's development, and actually begins in the home environment, and often as many believe, even in the womb! A child's experience in the beginning will set the tone and course for their life attitude in the subject they study. It will determine how much energy they will release to move them through the next phase. Phase I usually lasts 1-3 years.

It is extremely rare (if even possible) to fully develop the innate gifting in child's life without first inspiring him. This helps him stay motivated enough to work through the second, more difficult phase of learning.

Technical Development: the "hard work" phase. Eventually (depending upon the age and abilities of the child), children who are progressing because they are enjoying the process will move into a phase of learning that requires more work and discipline. Although the basic techniques and approach must be taught in the first phase of learning, the second phase reinforces these issues and focuses on giving clearer understanding of the theory, and it must develop long term skills that are essential to a high level of excellence and achievement. This is the longest and most varied phase of learning, lasting anywhere between 5 and 15 years.

Interestingly enough, few children can be easily identified as high achievers until they have almost completed this phase of learning.

Presentation: The "passion-is-my-own-and-I-really-want-to-work-at-this" phase. The third and most advanced phase of learning requires a teacher of great technical skill who can readily communicate the finer points of the subject. In music for example, a student who can readily play any piano sonata must also understand the period of time in which it was written, the context of the music, and its original form in order to properly interpret and present it. It is in this phase that sensitivity to the art and the audience is refined. For a performing musician, it is preparation for the concert stage. For the potential teacher, it is the development of tools with which one can communicate the art he or she has long studied.

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Many parents assume that a child who has potential to achieve excellence must begin with a Phase III teacher. This, in my opinion, is very rarely the case, simply because no one teacher is capable to teach all three phases of learning. Those who are warm, exciting and patient with very small children are rarely those who have spent the years of serious study needed to be a Phase III teacher, for example.

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"I wanted to let you and everyone at the Music Place know that the recital was lovely and it was so child-oriented. It was nice to be at a recital where everyone was there to make the children feel good about themselves -- it wasn't a competition." -- Vanetia J.

"I just wanted to take the time to tell you and your staff how much I appreciate all that you have done for our daughter Jasmine. She has really grown and matured since she has been attending The Music Place. It's such a joy and blessing to see how her skills have been developing over the years and how you have brought out her hidden talents." -- Ottielie A.

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Kids Positive Music Movement

There are groups of artists, composers, educators and musicians who have joined together to help usher in a renaissance of the arts. We hail from many cultures and traditions, and we are united in our effort.

The purpose of the Positive Music Movement is the promotion, education, support and performance of inspired, heartfelt, beautiful and uplifting music. In April, 2004, the following manifesto was drawn up and approved by the members of the group.

We maintain a news group on the internet available by invitation at:

The Positive Music Manifesto

”Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast,
To soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.”

We, the members of the Positive Music Movement, proclaim the emergence of a new artistic movement for the 21st Century based on the highest purpose of art and music, the expression of healing, upliftment, spirituality and love.

The benefits of music have long been recognized in therapy, and the ability that some music and songs have to bring about tears, laughter, and even grief has long been realized. A more complete knowledge of the effects that music can have on our lives has been little understood.

Ancient cultures knew about these effects, however. The Chinese knew that altering any single note of their five-note scale would cause a major change in the effect that music would have on society. Plato wrote about the effects that various scales produced. The musicians of ancient India recognized the effects of particular scales and music was composed with a specific emotional, mental or physical outcome in mind. In ancient Persia, scholars such as Farabi, Ormavi, Maraghi, Razi and Abu Ali Sina were well versed in the effect of music and its application in music therapy and discussed these topics in their writings.

The members of the Positive Music Movement believe that the time has arrived for a new direction in the evolution of music, a direction not associated with specific stylistic changes, as we have seen in movements in the past, but associated with the acceptance of what we have learned and appreciated from great art of all ages and cultures.

Great works of art have always come from a combination of talent/genius and spiritual development. In order for greatness to express itself in the 21st Century, the artificial confines of conformity to a particular style and to the concept of an avant garde must be removed. Then music and art will be free to be accepted for its ability to express that which all great art expresses instead of being measured by conformance to, or originality of, a particular style.

We live in a world that has become inter-connected by an amazing computer network through which we have access to information undreamed of in previous generations. Great artistic advances can be enabled using internet and computer technology. The old ways of creation and distribution of music and art are breaking down now as the greater technology of the Internet develops, providing a means for distribution that was never available in times past. The Internet provides the means for great music to be disseminated to any place in the world without overhead and distribution costs associated with traditional media.

Additionally, we recognize that during the previous century, a great deal of music of a negative nature was created in the popular, classical, and sacred genres and this music has managed to hold sway. But the trend toward discord, abnegation of melody, ugliness, and anger has reached its peak, we feel, and many people are now looking for some- thing more substantial, allowing voices, both new and ancient, to now be heard. The members of this movement do not support banning or con- demning this music, or music of any kind, nor will we act in opposition to any type of music. It is not by working against old artistic trends that new ones are created, but by introducing something so great and so powerful, that its very existence will attract peoples naturally.

We support bringing beautiful and heartfelt masterpieces of music to the concert halls and into people's homes and places of work. We support the distribution and performance of inspired works of music from cultures the world over, both current and past, both classical and popular. We support education to bring the knowledge of great music from all cultures and times to people of all ages, throughout the world.

We hold that as the highest purpose of art is given its rightful place, a
greatness in artistic expression will flourish.

Signed by the Members of the Positive Music Movement
Members of the Positive Music Group

Don Robertson. Don Robertson is a composer and writer living in Nashville. He has composed over fifteen albums of instrumental music as well as an orchestral work, a half-dozen short choral works, a string quartet, and has written or co-written over a half-dozen books. He attended Julliard School of music among other schools and has studied with Ali Akbar Khan, Swapan Chaudhuri, and the late Morton Feldman. He began speaking and writing about positive music in 1968 and is currently writing a book on positive music, to be completed in 2005.

Sound File: Romance from Keys

Richard Shulman. Richard Shulman is a composer, keyboardist, and recording artist who has since 1984 dedicated his music to the expression of love and the awakening of inner joy. A former student of Chuck Mangione and Marian McPartland at the Eastman School of Music, and Frank Foster at the University of Buffalo, Shulman uses his skills as a jazz, classical, and healing-music keyboardist to create music to assist groups and individuals in embodying their own spiritual essence. Richard tours doing solo and group concerts. His recent orchestral recording "Camelot Reawakened" is a new "program music" composition based on the fulfillment of dreams of the heart.

Sound File: First Movement from Camelot

Charles Berry. Charles Roland Berry is a composer born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1957. After formal composition study at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Mr. Berry studied privately with American symphonist, Paul Creston. An exchange of letters between Mr. Berry and John Cage was published in David Cop's New Directions in Music, 4th edition. In 2003, the Olympic Mountains Overture and the Quileute Overture were recorded by the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, in Olomouc, Czech Republic. In 2004, the MSO will record Berry's Cello Concerto and Symphony No.3

The Nasehpoor Family --- Nasrollah Nasehpoor was born in 1940. He is a vocalist and a master of vocal radif repertoire of Persian art music. He and his three sons constitute the Nasehpoor Ensemble in Tehran/IRAN. Peyman Nasehpour, born in 1974, is the hand-drummer (tonbak, ghaval and daf). Pooyan Nassehpoor, born in 1975, is the santoor player and researcher of Old musicians and Old music of Persia. Parham Nassehpoor, born in 1976, is the Persian tar and kamancheh player.

Santoor and Tonbak Composition
Beth Anderson. Beth Anderson (M.F.A./M.A.) is a composer of new romantic music, text-sound works, and musical theater. Born in Kentucky, she studied primarily in California, but now resides in New York City where she produces Women's Work, a concert series for Greenwich House Arts, and the New York Women Composers, Inc.

Web sites:

Nancy Bloomer Deussen. Nancy Bloomer Deussen is a prominent San Francisco Bay Area composer and co-founder of the Bay Area chapter of The National Association of Composers, USA. She has been a dedicated champion of more accessible contemporary music, a viewpoint amply demonstrated in all of her works. A composer who is well-loved by audiences, Bloomer Deussen has received numerous commissions. Her works encompass a wide spectrum of performers and include works for band, chorus, orchestra (full, string and chamber), many chamber music combinations, recorder consort, flute, clarinet and violin solo, piano solo, brass ensemble and solo voice and piano. She has received performances by numerous orchestras and has also had numerous performances by chamber ensembles, brass ensembles, bands and soloists across the country.

Web site:

Barbara Hero. Barbara Hero is an artist, composer, musician and mathematician who has devoted many years to the understanding of and applications of the secrets hidden within the wisdom of the ancient Lambdoma Matrix.

Web Site:

Daveed Korup. Daveed Korup hails from Charlotte, NC and is a 45-year old percussionist/composer. His primary focus has been the music of North Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia. Since 1997 he has been the percussionist for the Eurasian folk ensemble, Turku. Most recently he has been writing for dance and children's groups.

Web sites:

Eliana Gilad. Eliana Gilad is the founder of Voices of Eden, and is an acknowledged international expert in the field of conscious use of voice. She performs, teaches and lectures for international conventions and events and lives in Israel. Voices of Eden is the conscious use of voice and rhythm as a natural healer, such was used in ancient times. It is used to release tension, improve sleep and relax the listener. Eastern percussion and rhythm ground the body, voice releases tension. The musicians of the Voices of Eden ensemble are Jewish, Arab and Christian. They are a living example of peace in the Middle East.

Web Site:

Kobi Hagoel, Kobi Hagoel is a musician and actor born in 1962 living in Israel. He composes world music, sings and plays Middle Eastern percussion, and is a researcher as well as teacher of different styles of Middle Eastern percussion.

Web Site:

Sanjeeb Sircar - Sanjeeb is a 48-year old New Delhi-based sitar player, composer, and singer of Indian classical, Christian, and jazz-fusion music.

Web Site:



Well, hey-howdy-hi!! We've got some great new stuff for you this time...and, REALLY runs the gamut...from classical music to hip-hop...and it's all FUN. Let's dig in!!:

Gunnar Madsen is a hoot...this guy must be a lot of fun at parties! Awhile back, he brought us his song Ants in My Pants, which we loved...but, just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, he's here again with Mozart and I'm Growing...both from this new album I'm Growing. It's smart, sophisticated, vocally-adventurous music for kids. It's simply impossible to groove with this stuff and complain about how lame kids music is in the same breath! You'll find Gunnar's music on the Artists M-N page.

Jeff Hunter has spent a life time writing singing and composing his original songs while mastering the acoustic guitar. Best known for his years with The Previously Lost Dogs playing their original folk fusion and producing five albums...and in Fourteen Strings with world-class violinist Denis English and renowned bass player Jack Grosse. But what bring him here is the release of his first children’s album called Elemenope (L-M-N-O-P). He's sharing two songs with us: The Animal Train and Insects Are Everywhere. You'll find Jeff's music on the Artists E-H page.

The folk music of his native Canada, especially of the maritime provinces, made a strong impression on Owen Duggan at an early age. He loved the jaunty rhythms and lively tunes of Newfoundlander songs. He began singing and playing multiple instruments before he was 10. By the age of 12 he had recorded two long-playing albums of popular songs of folksingers like Burl Ives, the Irish Rovers and Tom Paxton. Later formal studies led Owen to a career in music education and church music and he currently resides in San Antonio, TX with his wife and two kids. His album An Elephant Never Forgets contains a really fun version of The Ants (Go Marching), which he's brought to share with us this time. You find Owen's music on the Artists C-D page.

The Dino 5 is a creation of the folks at Baby Loves Hip Hop. Hall-of-fame hip-hop producer Prince Paul has teamed with other successful MCs (Chali Tuna of Jurassic 5, Wordsworth, Lady Bug Mecca of Digable Planets and Scratch of Roots Crew). This funky musical journey tells the story of five best dino friends who come together to teach key life lessons and, of course, have a little fun! From their new album, they've brought us a sweet little groove called What About 10? You'll find the music of Dino 5 on the Artists C-D page.

Mr. Steve (Steve Piperno) & Miss Katie (Katie Burtnick) hail from New Jersey...where he's a professional musician and she teaches music at an elementary school. From their new album, Are You Ready? Here We Go!, they've brought to us a paean to politeness, Please and Thank You. And it looks like they are practicing what they preach. It appears that Mr. Steve has asked Miss Katie to "please" become Mrs. Katie (or Mrs. Steve...or something like that!) in the near future. You'll find Steve & Katie's music on the Artists M-N page.

Maureen Conlin is an early childhood music entertainer/educator from Phoenix. She's a writier, lyricist and composer who is inspired by her young audiences. She encourages children through her music to create, explore, experience and have fun. She's the owner of Happy Notes Music and has recorded four CDs, is a monthly contributor to Kids Celebrate Magazine and provides workshops for early childhood educators. From her album, Nature Notes, she's sharing her song Ugly Buglies with us. You'll find Maureen's music on the Artists C-D page.

And...lastly, but certainly not leastly...we present something a bit different. We'll call it "baby rock" for the moment. Matt Clark is father to a boy named Rowan. And he's been inspired by his experiences in raising this lttle fella to write some songs which we found very catchy. They're not slickly produced or anything...rather, they're all fairly short and all well worth the time to download and listen. We'll present two of them here (Top of the Stairs and Too Busy), but you'll need to visit his website to check out the rest. Matt's music can be found on the Artists C-D page.

ONE LAST THING: Have you signed up yet? If are we supposed to keep you up-to-date when we post new stuff here?? We have TWO different blogs where we post every time we add new music to this site. They're free and we won't bother you often. So pick one and let us let you know!

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WELCOME...we're glad YOU'RE HERE! So what's the dilly-o? In a nutshell, we believe that music can play a special role in our lives...and this is especially true for children. Parents seem to intuitively know this...and for this reason you'll find them encouraging their kids to learn music...not only through teaching them singalong songs when they are young, but encouraging them to take music lessons on an instrument, or by joining a school or church choir. And, of of the things that inspires children to learn music is for them to fall in love with great music...even at an early age.

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GeoGebra - A dynamic mathematics software that joins geometry, algebra and calculus
GetSmarter - Free and interactive site to compare math & science achievement against students worldwide
Glossary of Mathematical Terms - An extensive resource
Google Calculator - Use Google to evaluate mathematical expressions
GridX - A small, simple mental math game
Inner Algebra - How to do algebra in your head
Instacalc - Fast and powerful calculation, unit conversion, analysis and charting tools
Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles - Nearly 800 Java applets for teachers, parents and students who seek engaging mathematics
Literal Math - A text editor with math notation and hypertext capabilities - Resources, dictionaries, test prep and many more math learning tools
Math and Reading Help for Kids - Your guide to math, reading, homework help, tutoring and earning a high school diploma
Mathematics Tutorials and Problems (with applets) - Free mathematics tutorials to help you explore and gain deep understanding of math topics
MathSearch - Search a collection of over 200,000 documents on English-language mathematics and statistics servers across the Web
Mathwords - An interactive math dictionary
MathWorld - An extensive mathematics resource
Miscellaneous Mathematical Utilities - This page contains links to several javascript mathematical utilities
Nick's Mathematical Puzzles - More than 150 free math puzzles of varying difficulty
Numbernut - If you are looking for math information, this site is for you!
Online Conversion - Convert just about anything to anything else
Plus Magazine - Articles from the top mathematicians and science writers on topics as diverse as art, medicine, cosmology and sport
QuickMath - An automated service for answering common math problems over the Internet
Some Printable Paper Rulers - Disposable paper rulers
Spotter - Helps students check their answers to math and science questions
Table of Mathematical Symbols - From Wikipedia
Textbooks, Lecture Notes and Tutorials in Mathematics - A list of links to useful mathematical textbooks available for free on the Internet
Thinking Blocks - An interactive math tool designed to help students learn how to solve multistep word problems
The Math Forum - Online resource for improving math learning, teaching, and communication
TuxMathScrabble - A fun game like Scrabble but with numbers instead of letters
BuildYourMemory - Offers tips and tricks to help you build memorization skills - Free online memory training
Memory Master - Training course to help you improve your memory
Memory Techniques and Mnemonics - Articles to help you to improve the power of your memory
Study Guides and Strategies - Excellent study guides that are collaboratively maintained across institutional and national boundaries
The Memory Page - Dedicated to helping people improve their memory
100 Words - This is an exercise in disciplined creativity in which you must write exactly 100 words at a time
BibMe - A free bibliography maker that auto-fills
Carmen- Easy bibliography and research tools
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Great Source iwrite - Everything educators, students, and parents need to make the writing process work
Helium - Write, read, rate and earn revenue
Lightning Bug - Helping you write a story from beginning to end
My Notes Tiddlywiki - A note-taking and organizational software
mynoteIT - Organize your school life
NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month
Notecentric - A web based note taking application
NoteTango - A free collaborative note sharing website for students
OttoBib - Free and easy automatic bibliography generation
Paradigm Online Writing Assitant - Resources, advice, articles, writing tools, free blog, forums and more
PocketMod - The ultimate note card
PrimoPDF - Convert to PDF from any application by simply 'printing' to the PrimoPDF printer
Protagonize - An interactive fiction and collaborative story writing community
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Writers' Workshop Grammar Handbook - Basic grammatical rules concerning parts of speech, phrases, clauses, sentences etc.
Writing Career - Expert adivce on career training, education and changing careers aimed at writers - Create an online writing portfolio with numerous writing tools, email services, and the chance to meet and bond with fresh creative minds
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Free from a list of the first 45 high frequency words to teach your toddler - click here a website dedicated to pre-school leaning with online flashcards, with the option of uploading your own to reflect your family and life!

ABC order - from

Alphabet lessons - entertaining ways to learn - learn the alphabet with the animals of Alphabetville

Art Attack - arty project for older kids

BBC Online - learn with your favourite BBC characters

Bennysmart - games, stories, computer fun and sing alongs

Chateau Meddybemps - quality time for you and your child

Counting Chickens - from

Fisher Price - games to play with your toddler and on line fun too

Fun School - on line games for kids of all ages - an American site

Giraffian - simple early learning tools for letter, numbers, shapes and colours

Have Fun With Spot - simple concentration & thinking games

Kevin's Playroom - for kids by kids-caters for all age groups - excellent

Kids Com - for older kids but lots of fun

Kids Com Junior - all the fun of Kids Com but for smaller kids

Kidz Page - colouring pages to print out, online activities and down loadable bits
and pieces - enchanting, colourful site for early learners

Lego - a nice selection of on line games which will help teach key board and mouse skills

Mr Elephant's Memory Game - from

Number Train - from

Playmobil - games that will help you toddlers with their mouse skills ... little
ones may need a bit of help

Poisson Rouge - delightful site - you must just play and click - probably more fun for grown-ups

Preschool Rainbow - fun activities to do together

Story Place - Pre School - an American site with a variety of on line activities

The Hoobs - activities for tiddlypeeps!

Thomas The Tank Engine - fun on line activities plus screen savers and ecards - learning through play

Under5' - everything for and about pre-school education

Words and Pictures - BBC supporting the literacy hour

Early Learning
Abc's, 123's Shapes and Colours

This page is dedicated to early learning fun games. Introduce your toddler to the delights of abc,123, shapes and colours.

Older children, 4 and 5 year olds, will also love showing off their acquired skills, and will play the games over and over and over again!

Free from a list of the first 45 high frequency words to teach your toddler - click here


Boredom Busters For Kids
Colouring Pages, Coloring Pictures, Online Painting
Favourite Characters
Childrens Free Fun Sites
Poems, Rhymes, Action Songs
Early & Pre-school Learning
Kids Activities - Online & Offline
Kids TV
Family Films

Disney Cars Room Make Over Kit

Disney Fairies Room Make Over Kit

Disney Princesses Room Make Over Kit

Winnie The Pooh Room Make Over Kit

Jungle Safari Giant Stickers

Undersea Adventure Jumbo Wall Stickers

Disney Cars Stikarounds

Disney Fairies Stikarounds

A Beginners Guide to Music Lessons - This web page is a great guide for anyone starting music lessons. These are practical tips that we have discovered after years
of teaching music.

About Music for Teens - An online source for news, gosip, interviews, reviews, and free downloads specifically for teens.

BSO Kids - Site presents interactive games, an introduction to instruments, and kids can meet the musicians.

Boopadoo - Music resources for young children. Contains free downloads, reviews, search engine, articles and awards.

Children's Music - Articles by Jennifer T. Stack and links to related sites.

Children's Music Web - Nonprofit organization offering music education links for teachers and parents.

Choosing a musical instrument for your child - An article about this topic by
Christine Reed.

Dallas Symphony for Kids - Games, music, classroom activities, and information about going to the symphony.

DataDragon: Music Education - Provides tutorials and guides, on musical styles, music history, and instruments, with audio examples.

Free Childrens Music - Completely free and totally legal MP3 downloads (previews with a broadband connection) from a variety of kids music artists. All in one place.

Genre-specific to children.

From the Top - A radio show that features outstanding young classical musicians ages five to nineteen. - Home of composers Michael and Jill Gallina. View scores and listen to educational music, musical theatre, vocal music, choir music, multicultural music, and partner songs.

Googols to Learn with Music - An article about learning through music: Songs that teach are a natural and fun way to learn for children.

Guitar Tips For Kids - Providing Online Guitar Lessons For Children. Welcome to the wonderful world of "Guitar Tips For Kids." A state of the art 'child safe' Guitar learning web site available to all children around the world. Offering a FREE weekly

Newsletter as well as 2 AMAZING Guitar Courses - both JAM packed with tonnes of digital images & interactive play along audio tracks. We guarantee your child will be slamming on their Guitar like a millionaire rock star in just a few simple weeks. Don't miss out... come & join the FUN today!!

Harmony Road - Description of this group music lesson program. Schools available throughout US, Perth -Australia, Amsterdam - the Netherlands and Macclesfield, UK.

Home Music Schooling - Offering a home schooling curriculum along with elementary lesson material and resources.

Joyful Note Music Education Fondation - It uses a brain-based approach to learning using music, movement, and play. Our approach can help develop attention, musicality, social development, and intellectual development.

Kids Music Web - Informative guide to kids music on the web.

Kindermusik International, Inc. - Publishes curricula and licenses schools in more than 30 countries to teach music and movement to children from infants to age 7.

Founded in Germany, now based in North Carolina. History, instrument and publication sales, school locator.

Learn to Make Musical Instruments for Children - An article about this topic by
Beatrice Sheftel.

Learning with Googol Power - Educational Music - site also has free online music videos, worksheets, educational games and articles. GOOGOLS OF FUN!

MSO Kids - Site from the Memphis Symphony introduces kids to instruments, composers, and musicians.

Makin' Music - Arkansas company offering home school music instruction and workshops for early childhood music teachers at Arkansas Tech.

Mama Lisa's World: Children's Songs and Nursery Rhymes of All Nations - Large collection of children's songs and nursery rymes from around the world in English and in their native language. Includes sound files.

Melody Factory - Great ideas for music kids, parents and teachers! Find out about the new practice craze that's sweeping the nation, listen to instruments, play music games, print motivation certificates and read useful articles by music professionals.

Metamorphosis in Music - Designed for parents, teachers, and caregivers who want to give young children a developmentally appropriate foundation in music.

Music Notes: An Interactive Online Musical Experience - A fun, educational guide for children to music theory, history, instruments, and composers. Features quizs, forums, and sounds.

Music Together - Early childhood music program stressing adult involvement in mixed-age classes involving singing, moving, chanting, listening, and exploring musical instruments, founded in 1987. Locator, history, articles.

Music at Radio - Streaming station features classic childrens sing along songs.

Music for Young Children - Instruction in keyboard, singing, solfege, rhythm, ear
training, sight reading, theory, history, and composing for children to age 11 at schools in North America, Asia and Oceania. Teacher list.

Musically Inclined - Explores music theory, history, and composers. Features interactive games, forums, and sounds.

Musikgarten - Offers training for early childhood music teachers in North America and Asia. Studios, instruments, classroom materials, and workshops.
New York Philharmonic KidZone - Symphony site introduces kids to instruments, composers, and musicians.

Nursery Rhymes - The lyrics and audio for several nursery rymes.
On Air Concert - Kids can listen to music by other young musicians or send in their own composisions.

Opera for the Young - Engages and educates children about opera with professional, school-based performances, involving students in performance and production.

Available throughout US although specializing in Midwest area.

Play - Provides information for kids about instruments, composers, and musicians. Kids can play several interactive musical games.

Pratt's Educational Resources: Children's Music - Features childrens songs, lesson plans, musical instrument crafts, activities and related links.

Ritmìa - Description of this music education and appreciation method for children of three to ten years old. Also information about the author and her other publications.

San Francisco Symphony Kids' Site - Kids can learn about instruments of the orchestra, musicians, and composers.

Sing To Learn Educational Children's Music - The home of educational songs for kids by songwriter and music educator Obie Leff. Sing To Learn features a variety of reading, writing, and phonics songs for kindergarten and early primary grades. Math

CDs include Skip Counting, Multiplication, and basic geometry and shapes.

So This Is Opera - Michigan-based lyric soprano and music educator Yvette Lewis performs program introducing children to opera in schools. Testimonials and press, artist-in-residence program, links.

Storytime Songs - This site contains free ideas and activities for parents and teachers on ways to share music with children. There are also instructions on making homemade musical instruments and CDs of original storytime songs.

The Childrens Music Portal - Childrens music portal, featuring information, resources, article, links, and music for artists, educators, parents and children

The Music Room - Introduces children to music theory and history in a fun, entertaining way.

The Musical Brain - Explains the brain's reaction to music in terms suitable for both children and scholars. Brightly colored illustrations, bibliography.

Special Music by Special People Greatest Hits CD

The latest release from Special Music by Special People features the best of our three previous releases, plus four exciting new tracks including our latest hit "What You Really Want in Life". Special Music by Special People allows children and adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to record, compose, and perform their own music. Through this process skills such as verbal, mnemonic, musical, and social are nurtured in an atmosphere emphasizing self-esteem, teamwork, accomplishment, and fun.

Childrens/Various styles/Educational

itunes and many others and at for mail order
Available from:
Legal free download.
Only available online.
Editors: drumcorpsmember
Check out these free educational resources that inspire math and learning!
Activities & Games
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Environmental Education
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Kids Songs Around the World House of Nursery Rhymes Mama Lisa's World Blog

Wizard of Oz Audiobook Poetry for Kids Books for Kids Mama Lisa's Hub

View This Site In ● English ● French ● Spanish

Children's Songs and Nursery Rhymes

Welcome to Mama Lisa's World, home of the internet's largest collection of childrens songs and nursery rhymes from around the world. Whatever the culture a child belongs to, whatever the flag he or she lives under, this is the place to find the lyrics to kids songs, in English and in the original languages! Some songs include MP3's and Midi music.

Images of the continents above to navigate to the country you're interested in, or click Countries A to Z for an alphabetical list of featured countries. New contributions of songs and recordings are always encouraged!

Conversations about the languages and cultures of the world,
especially the traditions and songs of children.

Here are excerpts from the latest posts. Click to read more.

Does Anyone Know Any Mothers Day songs or poems in Romanian?

Cristina Lusca emailed me today: Can you help me find some Mothers Day songs or poems in Romanian? Preferably religious? I need it as soon as possible! If anyone knows of any Romanian Mother’s Day songs or poems, please comment below or email me. Thanks! Lisa

Mother’s Day in Mexico with a Spanish Song

Mother’s Day in Mexico is called Día de las Madres in Spanish. It’s held on May 10th every year. The evening of the 9th is also important. Grown children are expected to spend the evening before Mother’s Day with their Moms too. Many Mexican mothers wake up to their children singing Las Mañanitas [...]

Only One Mother – A Poem

I know lots of people are looking for poems for Mother’s Day, so I’ve been on a search to post as many as I can find. Here’s a sweet one by George Cooper (1838-1927) called Only One Mother. Some people use just the second verse… Only One Mother Hundreds of stars in the pretty sky, Hundreds [...]

A Mother’s Day Poem That Kids Recite in France

Soon it’ll be Mothers’ Day in France. This year it’s on May 25th. Usually teachers have their students learn a poem. One they often select is by Pierre Gamarra and is called Je te souhaite – I Wish You… You can click on the link above to read the French version. Monique [...]

05/04/2008 09:00 PM

Looking for Specific Translation to Tum balalaika

Tum balalaika is a Yiddish folk song. John Ringo wrote me that he was looking for help finding a version from his childhood that’s different than the one we have posted (click the link for our version). Here’s what he wrote… I was actually looking for a set of lyrics to this I remember [...]

05/04/2008 04:42 PM

“My Mother” a Victorian Poem

In many countries around the world, Mother’s Day is in May. Below is a quaint poem I found called “My Mother”. It was written by Ann Taylor (1783 –1866). She’s the sister of Jane Taylor, the author of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Ann and Jane published books of rhymes and poems together. The illustrations [...]

Can Anyone Help with a Translation of the Song “Aweneh Makole”?

Susan Arnold wrote to me with a question about a song: I am looking for an accurate translation of the song “Aweneh Makole”. The only thing I know about the song is that it is call and response. I’ve known it for ages and it’s used quite a lot in schools here in the [...]

May Holidays in France

Monique Palomares of Mama Lisa’s World en français (our site devoted to children’s songs around the world with their French translations) sent me this short post about public holidays in France in May… It’s too bad for French people this year! Usually, May 1st and Ascension Day are separate public holidays, but this year Ascension Day!

Does Anyone Know a Dutch Children’s Song the Title of which Sounds like “Saitcha Fara”?

Elyse wrote: Does anyone know anything about an old Dutch children’s song about girls and boys picking flowers, drinking tea and sweet milk with honey, giving chickens water, and the clock striking ten? My grandmother sang it to me years ago. The title sounds like “Saitcha Fara” though no such Dutch words with those [...]

Can Anyone Give Info about a Song about a Mother Bathing Her Baby and the Baby Goes Down the Drainpipe?

Bettina wrote to me asking about a song: 20 years ago I was in Sale, Manchester as an Au Pair. Lorraine, the Mom in “my” family sometimes sang this song to her two boys Zac and Jake when they had their bath. I have never seen or heard it since then. Can anyone tell me something!

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Music Together is an internationally recognized early childhood music program for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and the adults who love them. First offered to the public in 1987, it pioneered the concept of a research-based, developmentally appropriate early childhood music curriculum that strongly emphasizes and facilitates adult involvement.

Music Together classes are based on the recognition that all children are musical. All children can learn to sing in tune, keep a beat, and participate with confidence in the music of our culture, provided that their early environment supports such learning.

Music and Learning
Your Guide to Parenting of K-6 Children.
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Scientific research on the neurological and developmental effects of music has fascinated educators and parents with the possibility of children's learning enhancement. Compared to the long history of research on language, our scientific understanding of music is new. Fortunately for parents, enriching our children's lives with music can be easily and pleasantly accomplished. From soft music in the nursery to musical toys and dance lessons, encouraging music involvement in a fun way strengthens children's educational, physical, and emotional development.

Does Music Make My Child Smarter?

Yes, of course it does. When learning a song, a musical instrument, or a dance step, your child experiences the unique integration of body and mind that music provides. Sensory integration is a crucial factor in children's learning readiness for school subjects such as reading, writing, and math.

German-Speaking Families
Die deutschsprachige Familiengruppe Brea -Fullerton -La Habra -Whittier

Magical Musical Moments
Have Fun Playing in Kindermusik® Private Lessons & Music Therapy

Music Together
The leading music curriculum for family and preschool classes.

Music improves spatial-temporal reasoning (See the M.I.N.D. Institute research), a neurological process needed to understand mathematics. The best way to enhance your child's learning with music is to encourage listening to and learning music throughout the child's developmental years. Do it in a variety of ways that are enjoyable and fun, then let your child's own interest and aptitudes guide your choices of lessons and activities.

More on Music and Learning from the Web

Dee Dickinson at New Horizons for Learning has written a fascinating article about the importance of music education. New Horizons contains a wealth of additional reading on brain research and educational innovation.

Muzine is a Webzine for families who are interested in music. They have an interesting series on Music and the Home Computer.

The most complete Web resource on the topic of the Mozart Effect may be found at Parenting Central from the Suzuki Music Academy.

Family Education Network gives music tips for parents in their Why Music Matters article.

The Best Kids' Toys - Music
Day 16 -- Make Some Music
An Interview With Hap Palmer
How to Raise Kids Who Love Music - Music and Kids
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Positive Parenting guidance to help you deal with parenting challenges.
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What Are Children Learning When They Play

Excerpt from SMART START The Parents' Guide To Preschool Education by Marian Edelman Borden, Published by Facts On File, Inc. 0-8160-3677-2; $14.95US; Oct. 97

Generally teachers begin this group time with a specific topic for discussion. It may be a topic related to a project the class is working on, or it may focus on a specific skill. For example, in the beginning of the year, the teacher may play games to help the children learn the names of each of their classmates. Students may also use the time for "show and tell." Teachers often also include music appreciation, group sings, and creative movement during circle time.

Some teachers hold circle time first thing in the morning as a way of organizing the class and the morning activities.

What's Learned These "chats" are an opportunity for the youngsters to learn how to organize their thoughts. As they talk about their experiences, children learn how to tell a story with a beginning, middle,and end. When a child learns the words to "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" or "I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly," this is an important part of a child's informal education. This is "shared knowledge"--that is information that society assumes you know. For example, other children assume you know the words to familiar folk songs.

Music Appreciation/Creative Movement

Children enjoy both listening to music and making their own. Whether it's a group sing-along, marching in a percussion band, playing a triangle, or making up new lyrics to old favorite tunes, music is the universal language. Creative movement, learning to move your body through space, in time to the music or while pretending to be a falling leaf, is a creative way to tap into a child's imagination and artistic side.

What's Learned Music helps children connect the outer world of movement and sound with the inner world of feelings and observations. Playing games or moving to music is a powerful first experience in theartistic process. Children learn music the same way they learn language--by listening and imitating.

Finger play promotes language development, fine-motor skills, and coordination, as well as self-esteem. Young children are proud when they sing a song and can do the accompanying finger movements.

Listening to music also teaches important prereading skills. As youngsters use small drums or other percussion instruments (homemade or store-bought), they can play the rhythmic pattern of words. They can learn to hear the differences between fast and slow, loud and soft, one at a time and together, etc. When they try new instruments, they notice how each variation changes the music.

Creative movement expands a child's imagination. It's also a fun method of physical fitness--an important goal of child development.

Art Projects

Some art projects are part of a theme that the class is studying. For example, as part of the seasons' curriculum, the children might gather pine cones, leaves, and acorns during a fall nature walk. They will later use them in art projects, such as to make leaf rubbings, to assemble in collages, or to use as decorations for picture frames.

A good art corner will be stocked with materials that can be used in a variety of ways for projects. There should also be easels for painting individually (although sometimes two children will work at the same easel to create a painting together).

What's Learned A good art project teaches a child that his creativity is limited only by his own imagination. By transforming everyday objects, such as empty paper towel rolls and egg cartons into sculptures, imaginary bugs, or spyglasses, a child discovers that he can create a world of play.

Using materials in an art project reinforces and expands on the information a child has already learned in other contexts. For example, let's assume that the art project of the day is to make rubbings of leaves collected during a nature walk the day before. If from a pile on the table, the child selects a dry leaf that crumbles easily, the youngster learns, in a concrete way, about life cycles in nature. Through trial and error, just like the scientist in a lab, the student might find that green leaves or shiny leaves hold up better for this art project.

Another art project might have the youngsters create a fall mural by pasting leaves, pine cones, and acorns on a large roll of paper. They might organize the project by sorting and classifying the leaves, by color, shape, and size. These are prereading and premath skills--as well as fun. In this same project, the group also learns social skills such as cooperative and group dynamics. Do the three-year-olds know this as they happily create a fall mural--probably not, but their teachers certainly do.

Art projects are also excellent for developing a child's fine-motor skills. It takes small-muscle control in order to manipulate clay, cut with scissors, paint with a brush, and color with markers or crayons. As these skills are practiced, they help a child gain mastery to cut with a knife, button his own shirt, and print his name.

Art projects build a child's self-esteem. The finished product, on display on the refrigerator, validates a child's sense of worth. It's another opportunity for a child to say "I can do it!"

The process, not the product, is the most important element of preschool art projects.

Outdoor Play

Running, swinging, climbing, jumping, hopping, biking, digging in the sand--outdoor fun is one of the favorite parts of any young child's day. A good preschool playground will have enough space and sturdy equipment that a child can use his imagination while exercising. For example, the jungle gym structure might have connecting slides, firefighter poles to shimmy down and then inch up, tunnels to crawl through, a swinging bridge that connects one side of the apparatus to the other. A child will use multiple skills and create dozens of scenarios as he plays on this one structure. There should be equipment for digging, hauling, building, and riding.

What's Learned Outdoor play refines a child's gross-motor (large-muscle) skills. The cross-lateral movement (right arm/left leg and vice versa) involved is critical to a child's later success in reading and writing. Playground time is also an opportunity to explore and manipulate a different environment.

Youngsters also love outdoor play because they can let loose their imaginations while getting physical. They can turn the jungle gym into a rocket ship, a castle, a firehouse--anything they choose.


Children enjoy cooking. Sometimes they like the product, but even if they don't, they always appreciate the process. It's fun to do something that is a grown-up activity--and discover that kids can do it too!

Preschools often tie cooking projects to other themes the class is working on. For example, in the fall, a class may take a pumpkin and use it in a variety of ways. For a large pumpkin, the class may first decorate it with markers and use the pumpkin as a centerpiece on the classroom table. Later, the teacher will cut open the pumpkin and the students can estimate how many seeds are in the pumpkin. Later the class can count the seeds and compare the total to the estimates. The class can also roast the pumpkin seeds for snack, and finally bake pumpkin bread.

What's Learned Since cooking is a basic life skill, it fosters a child's sense of competence and independence when he can do it. Math skills are also an important part of the process as the cook needs to count and measure the ingredients. Cooking also refines small-motor skills as a child stirs, dices, and adds ingredients. It also teaches about nutrition-foods that are good for you and help you grow.

A child also discovers how things change if you alter the environment: liquid batter becomes a cake when baked; juice cups become popsicles when frozen. Cooking also helps a child's reasoning ability. He learns cause and effect. "If I don't put the juice cups in the freezer, they won't become popsicles."

Snack Time

What do you remember as the highlight of your own school day--lunch time and recess? It's not all that different for preschoolers.

Snack time is an important part of the preschool experience. Whether the food is provided by the school, or on a rotating basis by the parents, or cooked by the students themselves, snack time--just like mealtime in your own home--is an opportunity to "break bread," share, and communicate. The snack is usually simple, crackers or a piece of fruit and juice.

Snack time can also be an opportunity for children to try new foods. One little boy brought in the usual graham crackers and apple juice for the class snack, but also brought in his personal favorite green olives. Surprisingly, several of the children were willing to taste the new delicacy!

What's Learned Snack time is an opportunity for a child to learn social skills as she chats with her friend in the seat next to her. Passing out the snack and distributing a napkin and cup to each child teaches one-to-one correspondence and counting skills. Pouring the juice from a small pitcher to an individual cup requires small-motor control. Cleanup time after snack is another educational opportunity. Again, a child's sense of competence and independence are reinforced. Snack time is also an opportunity for a child toassociate mealtime with pleasant feelings.

Free-Play Activities

Free play sounds vague, but is very much a planned activity. The child has the freedom to choose among many different activities, but the teacher has created the classroom environment and arranged the choices the child will find. Free play is not time off for the teacher. On the contrary, she should be paying close attention to the children, interacting with them, offering guidance and help where necessary, noting progress and difficulties.

Here are some of the activities that a child may choose during the free-play period.

Building with Blocks

There's so much going on in the block corner that it's easy to understand why it is often the most popular area in the preschool classroom. It can also become the focus of incredible territorial struggles. Sometimes groups of children begin to act as if they own the space. Often boys dominate the area, making it difficult for girls (or boys who aren't members of the block clique) to enter. One study suggests that if a teacher positions herselfin the block corner for part of the day, girls are more likely to enter and use the area.

Building with blocks is lots of fun--and it teaches many skills that children will use later. One study indicates that many of the concepts learned from block building are the foundation for more advanced science comprehension. For example, a child learns about gravity, stability, weight, balance, and systems from building with blocks. Through trial and error, she learns inductive thinking, discovery, the properties of matter, and the interaction of forces. One researcher suggested that one reason you see fewer girls inadvanced placement physics classes in high school is because they are excluded (intentionally or unintentionally) from many of the "play" activities that build scientific framework.

What's Learned Blocks help children learn scientific, mathematical, art, social studies, and language concepts; use small-motor skills; and foster competence and self-esteem. Building with blocks also teaches life skills. Just putting away your groceries in the cupboard is using the same concepts of spatial relations, stability, and balance that you learned in the block corner.

Besides the scientific concepts discussed in the previous paragraph, blocks also are important in developing math skills. A child learns about depth, width, height, length, measurement, volume, area, classification, shape, symmetry, mapping, equality (same as), and inequality (more than, less than)--all from building with blocks.

Building with blocks also teaches art concepts such as patterns, symmetry, and balance. A child learns about symbolic representation, interdependence of people, mapping, grids, patterns, people and their work. A child gains prereading skills such as shape recognition, differentiation of shapes, size relations. Language is enhanced as children talk about how to build, what they built, what is its function or ask questions about concepts or directions. And dramatic play is also a part of block building as children create stories to go along with their constructions.

Finally, building with blocks fosters a feeling of competence, teaches cooperation and respect for the work of others, encourages autonomy and initiative.

It's not just building with blocks that is educational--so is cleanup. Sorting and storing blocks teaches classification and one-to-one correspondence, which are important math skills.

Dramatic Play

The housekeeping/dress-up corner should be stocked with play items and props that encourage young children to play make-believe. Look for pots and pans, stuffed animals, dolls (soft, unbreakable, washable, and multiethnic), toy telephones, hats, purses and tote bags, unbreakable tea sets, doll beds and carriages.

What's Learned Playing make-believe lets a child bring the complicated grown-up world down to size. Research demonstrates that children who are active in pretend play are usually more joyful and cooperative, more willing to share and take turns, and have larger vocabularies than children who are less imaginative.

Imaginative play helps youngsters to concentrate, to be attentive, and to use self-control. Think about how a child develops a game of supermarket. He must first set up the counter, put out the pretend cans of food, invite friends to shop, use the "cash register," and bag the groceries. All of these actions help a child to learn about sequential acts. He also has a story or script in mind that helps him to perform each of these steps in a logical and orderly way.

When children pretend they also learn to be flexible, substituting objects for those they do not have. For example, a child will use an empty paper towel roll for a telescope.

Through imaginative play, children learn empathy for others. Children will often act out a whole range of emotions when playing pretend, offering sympathy for a stuffed "doggie" that is hurt or for a doll that fell off a chair. We watch them scold a puppet for being naughty or tell a doll how proud they are because she used the potty.

Dramatic play encourages children to think abstractly, which is an important prereading skill. Children come to understand that words represent ideas.

Manipulative Toys

Children enjoy playing with a variety of toys that helps develop their fine-motor control. These toys include Legos, Bristle Blocks, Play-Doh, Peg-Boards, large beads to thread, and stacking and nesting materials.

What's Learned Manipulative toys help develop a child's fine-motor skills, which is a precursor to being able to write. Often these toys are also used in fantasy play. The beads that are strung become the necklace forthe "queen" to wear. The Play-Doh creations include cookies for the impromptu "tea party."

Cooperative Play

During the preschool day, you should see children who are playing by themselves, but you should also see cooperative play, small groups or even the class as a whole working on a project. The amount of cooperative play increases as the children grow older. Some of this play may be child initiated, and some may be teacher directed.

What's Learned Working together, whether it's on a block building or planning a tea party, helps children to learn to respect the ideas of others. They develop their social skills, and social competence is an underlying goal of early childhood education. Children in cooperative play learn to contribute to joint efforts. They also learn how to problem solve by working together to find a solution.

Sand/Water Table

Sometimes the rubber basin is filled with sand (some schools use rice or grits, which are less likely to get into a preschooler's eyes), and it's almost an indoor mini-playground. Even children who don't ordinarily dig in the sand at the beach will find it fun to measure, sift, and pour the sand from one container to another. When it's filled with water, the basin becomes a doll bathtub or a sink for toy china.

What's Learned A child has a practical math lesson in fractions when she pours a cup full of sand into a two-cup container. It explains the concept faster and more clearly than a detailed discussion or drawing. Her fine-motor skills are also being developed as she washes a tea set or maneuvers a cup full of sand into a sifter. Her eye-hand coordination is helped.

As anyone who has sat on a beach knows, sand and water play is soothing. It encourages children to explore and learn about cause and effect. (For example, what happens if I put a sponge in the water? What happens if I then squeeze the sponge?).

There is no right or wrong way to play with sand and water (except to throw it out of the basin), so each child experiences success.


The classroom should have puzzles that vary in complexity, five-piece puzzles, as well as 12-piece puzzles, and puzzles made of different materials. You should also find puzzles that interlock and those that have individual slots for pieces (for example, a five-piece puzzle of five individual animals).

What's Learned Puzzles require abstract thinking: the ability to see a space and envision what belongs there. Puzzles also require fine-motor control in order to place the pieces into place. Having puzzles for varied skill levels permits children at all stages of development to experience success.


The book corner should have books reflecting a range of levels. There should be simple board books, as well as picture books with a story line. The area should be comfortable, carpeted, and perhaps lined with pillows. It should be a place where a young child can go and look through books by himself--as well as a meeting place for story time for the class.

What's Learned Children learn language skills from books. Whether they are looking at a book individually, or being read to as part of a group, when you make books a part of a young child's day you set the stage for a lifelong interest in reading.


Preschoolers don't yet know that grown-ups consider cleaning a nuisance. For them, it's another fun activity. It's not a question of efficiency. It's tempting sometimes for grown-ups to do the task themselves, rather than exercise the patience it requires to help a preschooler through a chore. But allowing the young child to put away the blocks, wipe down the tables, and put the toys back on the shelves is a valuable educational exercise.

What's Learned Preschoolers learn to sort, classify, match, and organize when they put the toys back on the shelf. A good preschool classroom will have low shelves and individual bins for small toys, so that the young child can easily see where objects belong. The bins will be labeled (which helps develop language skills).

Preschoolers learn that helping behaviors and orderliness are valued. They see that it's important to take care of their environment and that it's easier to find what you want when you put it back in its designated place. Cleaning up teaches self-discipline. Children learn how to follow simple directions. Working together as a class to clean up their room is another exercise in cooperation. As they work alongside their teacher and classmates, chatting and discussing the best way to approach the cleanup effort, language and social skills are being practiced. Preschoolers also enjoy feeling competent, independent, and responsible. With the instant feedback of a clean room and a job well done, a youngster's self-esteem is enhanced.

Music for kids!


Bach, Vivaldi, Telemann and Handel compose highly decorated and elaborate melodies.


Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven compose works of order and balance.


Chopin, Mendelssohn, Schubert and Schumann compose boundless depictions of nature scenes and feelings.


Debussy, Ravel and others compose music of mystery, magic and wonder.

The Music of Freedom

The songs that helped the slaves escape to the north, as well as others that celebrate freedom.


Jazz is a uniquely American form of music. Find links to kid-friendly jazz websites and terrific Classics for Kids® programs featuring jazz.

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Kangaroo Learns Left and Right ** – Jack Hartmann
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Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey ** – Gary Rosen

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Funny Face ** – Alain Le Lait
I Can! ** – Ron Brown
Itchy, Itchy ** – The Amazing Body
Itchy Twitchy ** – Ron Brown
My Hands On My Head ** – Adapted by Stephanie Burton
Put Your Hands Up in the Air *** – Hap Palmer
These Are My Hands ** – Jack Hartmann
Turn Around *** – Hap Palmer
What a Miracle **** – Hap Palmer
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The Opposite Conga ** – Jack Hartmann
Opposites ** – Gary Rosen
Up and Down * – Sharon MacDonald

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Coin Song ** – Scott Goodman
Heads or Tails ** – Gary Rosen
How Many Pennies? * – Ron Brown
Jingle in My Pocket * – Sharon MacDonald
Money * – Jennifer Fixman

The Calendar, Weather, and Seasons
Songs that Teach about the Weather and Seasons
Songs that Teach the Calendar: Days of the Week and Months of the Year

What Are You Wearing? *** – Hap Palmer
Whatever the Weather (What to Wear) ** – Jackie Silberg

Telling Time – Reading the Clock
Telling Time * – Jennifer Fixman
Tick Tock ** – Jim Rule

Some Houses ** – Billy Jonas

Adjectives and Concepts of Fast and Slow
Everything Has a Shape (Adjectives) **– Hap Palmer
Move Fast, Move Slow ** – Jack Hartmann
Song About Slow, Song About Fast *** – Hap Palmer


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